Bartlett Lake


Maintaining almost absolute silence, except for the occasional sounds of small airplanes cruising above, Bartlett Lake, also known as the “Airport Lake”  is quite the oasis for people seeking serenity in a natural setting.

Located along the outskirts of the Winona Municipal Airport, Bartlett Lake, which overlooks barren woods along the Mississippi, is secluded from the general public, and is not well known even among Winona’s locals.  There are a few avid fishermen who occasionally take their boats out to fish this spot during the summer.

The selling point of this spot is the wooden dock that stretches out into the middle of the lake. Sitting in the middle of the dock on your own, one could easily trick one’s self into believing that the entire lake belongs to them. If you feel the need to get outside or you need a quiet place to savor a cup of coffee in the morning, Bartlett Lake provides Winonans with a great space to relax and enjoy nature.