Joey Ryan & The Inks: No pause in chasing a dream

Mike Minehart

Six years ago, five musicians strayed from their former projects and crowded into a tiny basement to pursue their passions in music.

Although they are still working day jobs, the feelings are still alive. Joey Ryan & The Inks love producing music together.  Joey Ryan & The Inks have toured regionally and want to travel even more in the near future. Their normal gigs include The Turf Club in St Paul and the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, among the many Minneapolis area venues.

They will be heading down to Winona on April 24-26 for Midwest Music Fest 2014. “We will be at Ed’s again for Midwest Music Fest in the end of April with some friends. We’ll be playing with We Are The Willows, Farewell Milwaukee (Joey Ryan plays bass for them as well), and Farewell Circuit.”

Critics have described their sound as “catchy pop tunes with 60s sunshine beats, and slivers of doo-wop on top of smart instrumental progression, topped by Ryan’s crystal-clear, bittersweet vocals.” Listening to Joey Ryan & The Inks will transport you to a warmer place despite their Minnesota homefront.

Don’t worry, Joey Ryan & The Inks are currently working on new things- new music, new albums, new videos. You can also visit their website to listen to original songs and covers.

“We just make music we’re excited about and hope people get into it” said Joey Ryan.

They hope  the next album will drop this year, following Well, Here We Are Then (2009), Dennis Lane (2011), and [pause.] (2013). Dennis Lane was the #1 Minnesota release in 2011, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Any album they put out will become a staple in your collection.
You can clearly tell that these men love what they do. Ryan says “The biggest challenge is time. We’re all busy dudes being pulled in many directions, but looking forward to a good and busy 2014. The biggest rewards happen for me in the studio. When I hear a song transform from a basic skeleton or idea into something bigger than I originally had imagined. I love recording.”


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    Twitter: @jrandtheinks

Email: [email protected]