Rollerblading gone wrong


Spotted, Ms. Shriver doing her wrist rehab therapy during flex!

This summer, Ms. Shriver was at her parent’s house for Father’s Day when she and her sister decided to go rollerblading around the neighborhood.

“We used to own those streets,” Shriver claimed.

As they were blading around, the streets became steeper and Shriver ended up going a little faster than she would have liked to. She also said that it was a bit windy that day. Shriver admitted she never used the breaks on her rollerblades, the way she stopped was blading into the grass.

As Shriver was blading out of control, she ended up falling scraping her leg, arm, and almost her face.

She did not even notice her broken wrist right away, but after her sister noticed, she saw the swelling that had already appeared too.

“Then I had to rollerblade all the way to my house!,” Shriver exclaimed.

If there is another rollerblading outing in Ms. Shriver’s future, you can assume she will be wearing wrist guards.