Cotter owned the night!

Cotter students got down and funky at their homecoming dance on Saturday, October 6. This year was a little bit different because the dance took place in the Centennial gym rather than the Tau Center.

When it was announced that the dance was taking place in the gym most students were very unhappy because it was something they weren’t used to, but in the end it turned out to be alright. With the fun, colorful lights, and the student made playlist the dance was truly one to be remembered.

A few of the fan favorites from that night consisted of “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes, “Super Trouper” from the hit musical Mamma Mia, and “Laffy Taffy” by D4L. Music ranged from many different genres, and that’s part of the reason this year’s dance was such a hit.

“It was good. I like it better in the Tau Center though, because the gym has a lot of dead space. I liked the music this year because the seniors got to make the playlist and I think it was better than what a DJ could’ve done,” Hope Howard, ’19, said.

“It ’twas a lot of fun. The music was brilliant, and inspired a lot of great dance moves. The flashing cameras were kind of creepy though,” added Ella Reilly, 19′, in a British accent.

“I thought it was okay. I thought when someone turned on the lights it was the best part of the dance. It was the weirdest three hours of my life that I’ll never get back, because I could’ve been taking a nap, and that is all I have to say,” Sam Wantock, ’18, said.

“It’s going to be hard for me to not sound like a dad, but I liked how much fun everyone was having,” chaperone and teacher Mr. Paulsen said.