The Romanoffs find restoration on Amazon

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The Romanoffs find restoration on Amazon

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Are there secret descendants to the former Russian imperial family still walking the earth?

From the creator of AMC’s Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, comes the tv series The Romanoffs to Amazon Prime, Friday, October 12.

The Romanoffs is an anthology series that focuses on a variety of characters that believe they are the modern-day descendants of the Russian royal family, who were overthrown and eventually assassinated during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

The series uses the Romanoff premise as merely a backdrop. The characters within the series struggle with everyday obstacles, whether that be marriage, stress, or lack of fulfillment.

What’s interesting about this particular series is the way the stories are told. Each episode can be wildly different from the next, which is evident in the first two episodes released.

Weiner, has set aside an impressive budget of over $70 million for the production. This has allowed the producers to shoot in a variety of locales, as well as obtaining an all-star cast; from seasoned Americans to refined Europeans the show doesn’t disappoint, nor lack acting prowess.

Viewers can look forward to seeing: Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight), John Slattery (Spotlight), Amanda Peet (2012), Diane Lane (Man of Steel), and Kathryn Hahn (Bad Moms), and too many more to list, but suffice to say the acting talent is top notch. The cast alone sets The Romanoffs apart from any other television series out there,  it matches that of a feature film in every aspect imaginable.

However, for someone who doesn’t appreciate humorous anecdotes embedded in historical context, or drama, then The Romanoffs is not for you.

Being an anthology series, that means each individual episode features a different cast with a different story; viewers may not get the level of intimacy they desire. This can be a refreshing take on a television series to some viewers, or viewers might find it irksome because of the lack of continuity. Given the cast, director, and praise surrounding the series, I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re in a show-hole, not looking for a large time commitment, or you just want a show that has substance that is both entertaining and riveting.

Amazon Prime members can expect to find The Romanoffs on Amazon’s movie-streaming platform.

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