Lunchroom Fiasco: more options needed, not different days

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Lunchroom Fiasco: more options needed, not different days

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A recent adjustment in the Cotter lunch schedule has students going mad.

The old lunch schedule consisted of the same meals on consecutive days on the week: Taco (& Hamburger) Tuesday, Pizza Friday, etc..

Student council members wanted to have more variety in lunches, instead of a repetitive schedule each week. They brought forth the idea to the cafeteria administrators, and with some misinterpretation, they put the same lunches we already had on different days of the week.

Cotter students, uninformed of the change, flooded into the cafeteria on Monday afternoon, only to look at the lunch options and find, “Pizza Monday?” The anxiety in the room was overflowing. They feared that the following day wouldn’t be the “Taco Tuesday” they know and love; they were right.

In response to this change, Cotter sophomore, Charlie Reilly, was enraged. He decided to take action and start a petition, aiming for signatures from the student body to keep the classic meals on their assigned days.

”The new lunch schedule really threw me off. It was so out of the blue and us, as students, had no say in this decision.” Charlie said.

He presented the petition as well as a presentation to the student council meeting this Thursday, November 15.

Lunches should be kept on the same days of the week, but we should have more variety. The meals that students don’t care for in particular (i.e. sandwich bar, Swedish meatball, pasta bar, etc.) could be replaced with different ones each week or every few weeks.

However, “Taco Tuesday” should always remain “Taco Tuesday” and “Pizza Friday” should stick to “Pizza Friday.” It’s a good thing for students to know what to expect when they come into the lunchroom, so they know what days to bring a cold lunch or what options they are going to have.

I do, however, support the idea of a variety in school lunches, so students don’t get bored of eating the same things every week.

Change is always going to receive opposing views, especially if the change impacts the students. Knowing they have a voice and the ability to use it is a positive thing in a school environment; though the problem addressed may not change, it is good to at least try your best to achieve your goals.


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