Local musician stars in Clint Eastwood blockbuster


Music has provided many opportunities for Mollie Busta, one of which was the chance to polka with American acting great Clint Eastwood.

Busta was born and raised in rural Spring Grove, Minn., to Jim and Mary Lou Busta pictured below.

Mollie B. whose show Mollie B’s Polka Party is a feature on RFD TV, has a special affinity for music, which is exemplified in her ability to play many musical instruments. Clint Eastwood is a fan of Mollie B. and her husband’s polka show and wanted to feature her in his new movie The Mule.



The Bustas with Clint Eastwood. Photo by La Crosse Tribune.















Cotter science teacher, Ms. Halvorson, was once a pupil of Mollie B. while she taught at Lanesboro Public Schools in the early 2000s. Ms. Halvorson spoke highly of her high school music teacher and encouraged her to pursue her true passion, polka.

Cotter teacher Katie Halvorson (middle) and Mollie Busta (right). Photo by Katie Halvorson