President Klobuchar?


Coy A. Pederson, staff writer

Minnesota native Amy Klobuchar announced her run for President.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN-D) kicked off her presidential bid Feb. 10, at Boom Island, Minneapolis in freezing cold temperatures.

Klobuchar enters an already crowded Democratic field of prospective Presidential hopefuls. Senator Klobuchar offers a moderate approach to an increasing number of Progressive-Democrats who seek their party’s nomination.  Some see Klobuchar as an alternative to far-left politics that are steering the direction of the party. Senator Klobuchar is a key opponent to President Trump, he turned the once reliable Midwest into a bastion of Trump supporters.

Klobuchar has had positive articles written about her by conservative columnists such as George Will, it remains to be seen if this sort of endorsement will be a help or hindrance within her own party.

If Klobuchar wins the primary and delegates at the DNC then she will have a true shot at winning the Presidency. However, Minnesota over the past 10 years has increasingly shifted to the right. 2020 will make for an exciting year for both Democrats and Republicans who vie for the Presidency and control of Congress.