Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most?


“I think I’m like Monica Geller, because she is organized, plans things out, and likes to get things done.” –Abbey Allen
“I think I’m a Joey Tribbiani because we both have the same sense of humor and have our ‘ditsy’ moments.” -Ethan Glodowski
“I am definitely a Phoebe because we both share a fun sense of style and have our weird moments as well.”  -Ceili DeMarais
“I would definitely choose Rachel Green because of her flawless style, just like me!” -Jenna Rickoff
“Joey would be my choice. He’s the coolest and the funniest” -Charley Schroeder
“Chandler is my favorite because he’s so funny. I’d like to say I’m pretty funny too!” -Abraham Kamara