What is the most unpleasant word in the English language?

“succulent” -Claire Miller


“hubby, kiddo, flesh, molecule, lipid, and gland” -Mrs. Barrios


“Chemistry” -Ilya Dovhalionok


“moist” -Betsy Nagel


“ointment” -Ella Leaf and Anna Piechowski


“Weird” -Frank Lu


“wet, mushy, gushing, puss, gore, dripping” -Anne Galke


“toasty” -Cecelia Galke


“Oozing” -Gabe Welch and Ryan Hesch


“Clingy” -Milla Puente Infante


“tote”-Claire Ebertowski

Not pictured:

“test” -Bao Han

“homework” -Sherry Zheng

“puke”-Ms. Snyder

“Stapler and literally”- Camilla Kaminska

“higgledy piggledy and bailiwick”-Mrs. Stevenson