Bauer LS5 steel blades: still the cutting edge

Bauer blades carving up the ice

Bauer blades carving up the ice

Bauer LS5 steel should be your preferred blade of choice while playing hockey.

The small thin piece of stainless and carbon coated steel is what keeps you in the game during the pinnacle moments.

Many people do not realize the vitality or quality of steel while skating. Most do not know the difference between a good and bad blade and why each blade is different. After using and reviewing the Bauer LS5 steel, I can attest that it is some of the best quality steel a person can use while ripping up ice on the rink.

Bauer has many selections of blades starting at the plain stainless steel options and, over the years has developed the series of LS1- LS5 blades. You might be asking yourself, “what does LS stand for?” and the answer to that is Light Speed. Bauer first rolled out this product in 2013.

It combines the essential tuuk design, or the white plastic piece at the bottom of the skate that holds the blade, with the new, at the time, and improved lighter, stronger steel. The part that really drew in the customers in 2013 was the “button” that triggers the blades to release from the tuuk allowing the player to swap out their blades easily when they are dull. This feature became very popular and started wit the Light Speed blade series.

 The difference between these blades is the steel that is in them, meaning how expensive the steel is, the quality of the steel, how heavy they are and even the way they look. By weighing options, skaters will be able to figure out which blades need to be sharpened more often and how long an edge will stay sharp.

An edge is the hollowed out portion of the steel that makes it shaped like a semi- circle with the two ending points of the semi-circle are the sharp and grip-like parts of the edge. Typically when it comes to blades, you get what you pay for. The stainless option cannot be bought separately nor can the LS1 blades. Those blades will come fixed into the tuuks and not be available to swap out. The LS2 blades however can be purchased separately or as replacements. Starting with the LS2’s and ending with the LS5’s the price ranges from $54.99- $149.99 a set.

The product that I use are the LS5 blades. An important note is that there has been a new release of the Bauer LS TI Edge Runner blade, but I am reviewing the LS5 blades and how they compare to the LS1’s- LS4’s.

I have skated on all of these blades and the blade that I found to be the best was actually the LS4. The reason for this is becasue of the cost. My LS5 blades cost $110.00 while the LS4 blades cost $69.99. The only difference that I felt that set these two apart were the colors. The LS5’s come with a carbon coating that is black, this turns the whole blade black and is supposed to help the blade keep an edge while on the ice.

The LS4’s I felt were just as good as the LS’5 only stainless steel colored. Don’t get me wrong the LS5 blades are wonderful blades and that is what I currently use when I am skating, I just feel that the Light Speed 4’s gave me more bank for my buck. As for the LS1- LS2 blades, these are great beginners, for smaller, younger and lighter players. They are not expensive and are great for people testing the waters at a young age for hockey but as soon as you get a heavier and more experienced player on those blades, they are going to eat up the edge and dull it sooner because it is just not designed and made to last as long as the other blades.

The LS3 blade is also another great edge to play on. The main thing that sets this blade apart from the LS4 and LS5 is simply how often you have to sharpen it. You will get good results and a good bite as long as you keep the edges fresh and sharp.  I am very happy with Bauer blades and how they have performed over the years for me during my playing time. The current LS5 blade that I use is great. It offers a good solid edge, constant bite into the ice and a longevity of sharpness that seem to last me a good week of practice.