iPhone 12: Pricey but worth the cost



The Iphone 12 in it’s five different colorways

If there is one thing most teens have in common, it’s that they want the newest version of a product when it’s produced.

The Apple iPhone 12 is no exception to this rule. Sales are through the roof and many teens have them, but at the $800 price point you have to ask: Is it worth it?

The iPhone 12 has some features that take it to the next level. The phone comes with the newest apple software, ios14 and the standard iPhone 12 has 64gb of storage.

Additionally, the phone has a 6.2 inch OLED display and an A14 bionic chip. The phone is lightweight and easy to carry, weighing only 5.78 ounces. The phone comes in a variety of colors. Personally, I have the light green but the phone also comes in white, black, blue, and red. The regular iPhone 12 costs $799, and the price increases for additional storage and for the “pro” version which is bigger and has a third camera.

My experience with the phone has been great. I have dropped it numerous times without a case or screen protector and there is not a scratch, crack or dent on the phone.

The battery life is my personal favorite. I plug my phone in at night, wake up with a full charge and never need to charge it throughout the day because the battery is so good.

The camera quality is exceptional. I can take any type of photo and it comes out looking perfect. Apple has always worked really hard to ensure that their product is next level. Like any new product there are a few hiccups. There are irregular software updates to restore bugs and minor problems that come with the few. On an occasion, the phone can have  a slight glitch, but other than that the phone is efficient. 

As a busy teen, one other problem I have seen is the charger. Apple no longer supplies a charging cube in the box, so you need to purchase one. Additionally, the cable is a lightning to USB-C charger, so old cubes will not work.

Apple’s biggest competitor is Samsung. Samsung recently released the iGalaxy S20, which cost $799. Samsung’s phone has more storage, and has the same screen size as the Iphone 12. The battery life of Samsung’s phone is higher by just over an hour. However, Apple has better camera specs, and 5g connection. Overall the design of the Iphone, it’s camera quality, and performance is superior while Samsung’s battery life and display wins. 

Ultimately, as someone who has only ever had an iPhone, I can say by far the iPhone 12 is the best Apple phone available. I would give it a 9/10, and definitely recommend buying one