Chubs: the world’s best cat


HW Portraits

Chubs posed with her Olivia for senior picture, or was it his?

¨You are not getting another cat¨!

These were the words my stepdad time and time again told me for years. Until Chubs came along.

Most people say cats are the least affectionate animals in the world. Cats are said to be mean compared to their competition the dog. More people own dogs over cats, 37 million people in the world own cats as pets. Myself included in the 37 million, I am currently the mother to a one year-old orange tabby names Cheeto, or Chubs as he is most known as. I have had him since he was 3 weeks old.

Chubs is a farm cat who mom died shortly after giving birth to her litter, my grandparents called me and the next day brought him down. I than fed him from a bottle for about 2 months until he could eat solid food.

It is a proven fact that orange cats are more cuddly and will be ready for downtime at any moment. except my cat, he hates cuddles but once in a while he wants to curl up on a blanket with me and snuggle.  my cat also loves food, I´m pretty sure he uses me for food and that is it. They will usually eat anything you put in front of them, which could cause them to become too chubby.



Another reason Chubs is awesome is that he is a big fan of Bubblr, my favorite drink as well, he does not mind taking a few sips when mom walks away from the counter.




Despite not loving cuddled and only using me for food, Chubs does have his good qualities, he never fails to wake me up for school every morning with a swat on my nose with his paw or a loud meow letting me know he has entered my room.


In addition to being some of the most cuddly creatures, they are also here to save you money. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, (AVMA), cats cost the average household $182 a year while dogs cost the average household about $410 a year. this is a significant cost difference between dogs and cats. Another reason why in my house the cat is the king and the dog is just here.

Cats are one of the pickiest animals when it comes to where they use the bathroom, I can attest to this fact as this is my Chubs all the time. Some cats will stop using their litter box because of behavioral issues while other cats will stop for a medical reason. most cats prefer non-clumping and unscented litter. If Chubs box is not clean all the time and have the same exact litter in it when I have to change litter, he will refuse to use it. Little high maintenance if you ask me.

Even though Chubs uses me for food and does like the snuggles I want all the time, he is still the best cat in the world and no one can change my mind.