Gaming: How Much is Too Much?

Gaming: How Much is Too Much?

Most boys and many girls play computer games these days, and a lot of kids spend most of their free time on games. The question facing students and parents is what is a healthy amount of time to spend on this activity?

There are many popular games like League of Legends, Splinter Cell, MLB 2K10, and Call Of Duty.

There are also websites like Twitch that people can watch other players play and learn how to play better. Also, there are competitions for games like the League of Legends World Championship which hold competitions every season. Some game companies spend all year training players playing games and practicing their skills for the competition.

In a word, there is a whole world of  gaming that is much broader and deeper than most non-gamers would guess.

Does it sound reasonable for people spending a couple hours each day to play computer games? It may be that it is harmless and has some benefits, however,  when one spends too much time on computer games it can lead to negative consequences.

First of all,  time playing computer games takes up time that one should be spent on other activities like sports and socializing, thus gaming can make one’s life empty. Gaming  can cause social isolation.

Secondly, it is bad for one’s health to be sitting in front of the computer and staring the screen.

Thirdly, some children tend to solve problems in real life using their experiences in violent computer games while some start to pay less attention to academics.  Too much time spent gaming is on the list of leading causes of college freshman dropping out is

So how much time should a high school student spend on computer games per day? According to an essay on high school students’ time use written by Mary Dorinda Allard, gaming the third most popular activity after watching TV and socializing, about 44 percent of male high school students regularly  play computers and games  while 28 percent of female students spend time on computer games.

Looking at Cotter as an example. Cloud Hua, a senior, spends about two hours a day playing computer games, which is less than others in his group. He believes that four hours a day is too long for games. His friend, Andrew Su, who is also a senior, holds a similar point of  view. Andrew spends about three hours a day playing computer games and he thinks that his is normal among his friends. In his mind, six hours a day for games is too much. Another senior, Eric Cho, said “it depends,” but usually about one or two hours a day playing computer games. He thinks spending one or two hours is about average or less among others. In his mind, four hours a day would be too much.

Depending on the seniors’s answers, four to five hours a day for computer games might be too long although proper time spending can help people release stress from school.


Here’s a link to the Allard article: