What’s your most memorable vacation and why?

“My favorite would be for sure  trip to Denver, Colorado. So many things happened during those three days when I was there, I loved it.”

Abby Allred – senior

“North Carolina, definitely. It was in 2019, I saw the ocean for the first time in my life and it was an unforgettable experience swimming in it. We also rode wild horses and I really enjoyed it !”

Macy Piechowski – freshman

“My most memorable is trip to Europe. I was in Austria, Switzerland, but Czech Republic stood out to me the most. Prague captivated me, it is a beautiful city, I was also in Český Krumlov, but Prague is my personal favorite.”

Mr. Paulsen


“My most memorable vacation was to Denver, Colorado. It was for marching band, we went there the last summer. It was memorable because I got the opportunity to see and try a lot of different things and I was with my friends. I stepped out of my comfort zone, it really brought me closer to a lot of people and I made new friends.”

Madi Riley ( on the left) – junior


“It was this summer, I went to Cadiz on the beach, near the coast of Spain, it was so good. It was the best because I had so much fun with my friends and I also met lots of new people.”

Irene Olivares ( on the left ) – sophomore