Jadah Torbenson, new steps for a dancer

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Jadah Torbenson, new steps for a dancer

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New school year, New school, New opportunities.

Jadah Torbenson, a new  freshman at Cotter this year, came from the public schools. Jadah did not know anyone from Cotter before coming here, but she is making new friends and enjoying the school year so far.
There have been some adjustments to make. She was not used to bringing her backpack to every class, going from class to class in two different buildings, or being around all the different people in this school, but she is catching on quickly.

She joined the volleyball team this fall and is planning to run track this spring. Not only does Jadah participate in these two sports; she is quite the adventurer and likes to hike in her spare time.

At her old school she was on the varsity dance team. She is a great dancer and last  year earned the awards”Best Turns” and “Best High Kick” on her team.

The reason Jadah came to Cotter was because her mom thought it was a better choice for her.

“She was right. I like everything about Cotter,” Jadah said.

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