Peavey… Guitar?


I recently was at Hardt’s Music, a local music store, when I came across a guitar I have never seen before. It was a Peavey DW-3 acoustic, and it was one of the best guitars I’ve ever played.

Now, I have played many guitars in my life, many of which were very very expensive, but none of them were this good. I was amazed that a guitar at this price point could be better than some of the more than $5,000 guitars I have played.

It was news to me that Peavey even made guitars, but once I played this, I praised god that they did! The rosewood body and solid spruce top were not standout features on this guitar, nor the very simple, laser-engraved rosette. However, once you pick up this guitar, you know it was designed specifically with finger stylists in mind.

The pickup system built-in on this guitar is, to be kind, not user friendly. They would have been better off using a Fishman system instead of developing their own. However, the output rendered using their pickup can be Mono or Stereo, which is a nice feature on an acoustic guitar.

The low action on the guitar was one of the most versatile and user friendly I have played. And the adjustable truss rod will make sure that it will stay low. The lightest touch produced a perfect note every time, that may be attributed to the D’Angelico strings it had.

Finally, the best point for this guitar, it’s price. Starting at $299 it is the best deal on the market. Compared to some $2000 Martins, Peavey would be a far better choice. As a beginners instrument, which it’s price point makes it seem was the target audience, I feel you would miss out on a lot of the initial struggles because of the ease of playability of this model. However, in honesty, this is a perfect guitar for a player of any skill level.

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