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Colin Cada’s musical exploits

Colin Cada is pictured on the left as Jeremy Potts. Hannah Graff is on the right as Jemima Potts.

Colin Cada is pictured on the left as Jeremy Potts. Hannah Graff is on the right as Jemima Potts.

Colin Cada is pictured on the left as Jeremy Potts. Hannah Graff is on the right as Jemima Potts.

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Cotter freshman Colin Cada had the opportunity to ride in a flying car this summer. 

That is because he played the role of Jeremy Potts in Home and Community Options’ (HCO) annual summer musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tells the story of two children, Jeremy and Jemima Potts, and their father, Caractacus Potts. The family purchases a car, and because of the car engine’s noises, name it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It turns out the car is not just an ordinary car; it can also fly.

Now, for the production, Colin did not actually ride in a flying car, but the car did have a system that elevated it from the ground. It was controlled by a backstage worker with a remote control.

“I remember when I first got up into that car and took the first spins on the stage,” Cada recalled. “The car that stars in the show is a little scary to be in the few times.”

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cast and car


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was not Cada’s first experience with theater. Cada has been on the stage since second grade.

“I guess the reason I started auditioning for plays was because of my love for music,” Cada said. “I had always been in love with singing and dancing.”

Cada’s first experience in theater was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which he auditioned for when he was in second grade.

“I loved being in it and ever since then I have been really into theater,” Cada said.

Jeremy was one of the main roles in the musical and Cada really enjoyed playing the part.

“Jeremy definitely had to be one of my favorite roles as an actor,” Cada said.

Cada loves theater and acting, but he also especially appreciates participating in HCO’s musicals.

Home and Community Options is an organization that integrates people with developmental disabilities into the community. There are many HCO clients that participate in the musicals, backstage and onstage.

“HCO doesn’t leave anyone out of the picture, which is part of what makes the shows so special,” Cada said. “Everyone who works on the shows for HCO are so kind. No matter who you talk to, I’ve only been spoken to with absolute kindness from the other actors.”

The same can also be said of Cada.

“[Cada] is able to invite [HCO] clients as well as fellow actors to bring their best to the stage as well,” Cotter religon teacher Mary Hansel-Parlin said of Cada. Hansel Parlin played the role of an old, crazy inventor in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Other people have also taken notice of Cada’s talent as an actor.

“He can assume the role of who he is playing really well and is very reliable, dependent, and talented,” Cotter freshman Hannah Graff said. Graff played the role of Jemima Potts, sister of Jeremy Potts, in HCO’s production this past summer.

Hansel Parlin had similar opinions of Cada’s acting abilities.

“Colin is one of those actors who can light up the stage. He fully enters into each character, almost becoming that character,” Hansel Parlin said.

Graff recalls having a great experience in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Cada.

“It was a fun experience to act with him in HCO because he is easy to work with and created strong bonds with our stage family. He was always nice and had a positive attitude,” Graff said.

Cada’s appearances on the stage will not end anytime soon. Cada will be playing the part of the Minstrel in Cotter’s upcoming musical, Once Upon a Mattress.

Hansel Parlin expects Cada to continue to improve on his talents on the stage.

“I think each new group that Colin interacts with is seen by him as an invitation to grow,” Hansel Parlin said.

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Colin Cada’s musical exploits