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What would you like to cross off your bucket list in the next 5 years?

Sarah Conley and Ben Gabrych

May 11, 2015

Carlos Morera: I want to go back to Spain, play soccer, and go to college. Katie Grover: I want to become the world's greatest black musketeer and possess the rarest treasures on earth, then store them in a secret underground...

4/21/15 – What is your senior capstone project and how far are you?

Yu-Ting (Annie) Chang and Zhouwei (Helen) Han

April 23, 2015

Andrew Su “Video games and learning tools” “haven’t started…..” Josh Forst “Reducing military spending” “half way done” Julia Charron “Finland’s education system” “1 page” C...

2/6/15 – What is your favorite dress up day?

Ben Gabrych and Sarah Conley

February 6, 2015

JJ Corn (Junior) - Disney Day Josh Forst (Senior) - Blackout Alissa Marek-Spartz (Senior) - Character Day Kyle Kerrigan (Senior) - Blackout Mrs. Frisby - John Hancock Day...

1/30/15 – Give Us a Pose That Describes Your Day

Sam French and Carter Cunningham

January 30, 2015

Jerry, Freshman Angela, Freshman Sunshine, Freshman   Frau Schorn-Hoffert, Teacher Mesho, Sophomore David Sobolewski, Teacher...

1/26/14 – What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Jiyoon (Irene) Lee and Jimin (Wendy) Bae

January 26, 2015

Penny Peng, Freshman "I will try my best in every class, and enjoy the new year."   Xinyu Gu (Angela), Freshmen "I will try to be taller and get higher grades."   Ploy Tanthavorn, Senio...

Who is your favorite animated movie character?

Sam French and Carter Cunningham

November 21, 2014

Favorite Animated Movie Character  

11/17/14 – What Is Your Most Memorable Meurer Moment?

Zach Bailey and Rosemary Flanagan

November 17, 2014

Calli Marg, senior “We ate every flavor beans in Psych.  I got to pick the good flavors.  The only one I would eat was banana cream pie or pencil shavings.”   Marcus Borck, senior “Elissa (Wobig...

10/24/14 Who is your favorite band or musician?

Ben Gabrych and Sarah Conley

October 27, 2014

Katie Grover : The Dixie Chicks   Kaitlyn Carlson : Nickleback Carlos Morera : Joris Voorn     Erin Derks : Alt- J Mariya Swanson : Vanilla Ice or Cat Butt...

10/2/2014 – What kind of shampoo do you use?

J.J. Corn and Zhuo Wei (Helen) Han

October 7, 2014

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