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10/2/2014 – What kind of shampoo do you use?

J.J. Corn and Zhuo Wei (Helen) Han

October 7, 2014

9/16/14 – If you could change one thing about Cotter, what would you change?

Zach Bailey and Rosemary Flanagan

September 16, 2014

“I think it would be nice if we had our cafeteria on campus, closer to us.” -Bryanna Meier “Dress code, or maybe the way people handle dress code.” -Erin Derks “I would change the seven period day back to a...

5/29/2014 – What are your summer plans?

Mi and Kaho Nagayama

May 29, 2014

Alex Arnold, sophomore: “I will be going on the river a lot and swimming competitively. Also, I am going on a summer CCMP trip to Chicago. I think it will be a lot of fun.” Tim DeMarais, sophomore: “I will be...

5/23/14 – Where is your favorite place to study for finals.

Erin Derks, Staff Writer

May 23, 2014

“I like to go to acoustic because it is a nice environment or the dorms lounge, or Sung-Woo’s room.” Tri “I like to study at the dorms, where more people should go, nobody ever goes to the dorms.” JJ "I like s...

4/23/14- What is your favorite Easter candy?

Kelly Vaselaar and Henry Killen

April 28, 2014

Jun Cho Grade: Junior "Starburst Jelly Beans" Emily Wobig Grade: Freshman "Cadbury eggs" Michelle Flanagan Grade: Senior "Reece's peanut butter cups" " Anthony Murphy Grade: Sophomore...

3/11/2014 – What are your plans for spring break?

Garrett Crowley and JJ Corn

March 11, 2014

Seth Haun Grade:Teacher “I’m going to be down in the Wisconsin Dells at Chula Vista Resort” Justin Waldera Grade:9 “I’m going to be  staying around here and probably hang out with some friends and play some lacrosse if the snow melts enough” Nick Hohensee-Burbach Grade:12 “ I plan on hanging out with friends and chilling with my dog” Kyle Kerrigan Grade:11 “I’m going to look at a couple of colleges including UW-Madison” Jonah Spiten Grade:10 “I’m going down to Florida with some friends. We will be staying on the be and will be checking out some attractions. We are also planning on going to see the Twins at spring training”...

3/7/2014 – If you could change the class schedule, how would you change it?

Mikala Nelton and Kaho Nagayama

March 7, 2014

Han Jungwon- 11th grade: “I would like to have naptime and would like to be dismissed earlier and have longer break times.” Taeho Jeong- 11th grade:  “I want to kill 8th hour and have longer break times and a longer lunch period.” Jacob Renk: “I would like to have seven periods instead of eight and would also like to start school at a later time.” David French- 9th grade:  “I would like to start school later and not have A/B days as often.” Bryant Gernes- 9th grade: “I would like to have school start earlier if at all possible.”...

2/28/2014- What is your favorite school lunch?

Sarah Conley and Zach Bailey

February 28, 2014

Tri Nguyen - “Chicken Strips”   Caleb Speltz - “Tater Tot Hotdish” Kelsey Charron - “Breakfast” Rosemary Flanagan - “Grilled Cheese or Stir Fry” Zach Hefel - “Wings, Tacos, or Hamburger Gravy” ...

2/14/2014 – What is your favorite romantic movie for Valentine’s Day?

McKenna Marg and Erin Derks

February 14, 2014

Robert Rivers - "Safety Not Guaranteed" Changwoo (Mark) Hong - "About Time" Katie Nachtigal - "The Notebook" Mrs. Werner - "An Affair To Remember" Thomas Graner - "The Notebook" Jacob Renk - "Mulan" Calli...

2/5/2014 – What Was Your Favorite Part of Catholic Schools Week

Henry Killen and Kelly Vaselaar

February 7, 2014

Mark Roeckers Staff Mr. Roeckers favorite part of Catholic Schools week were the games in between the coronation  at the assembly. Brynn Spitzer Junior Brynn Spitzer's favorite part of Catholic Schools wee...

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