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Charlie Reilly
Charlie Reilly is a sophomore at Cotter. Charlie plays basketball, football, and baseball. When Charlie wakes up he sometimes takes a showers if the smell check does not equal to his expectations, he then proceeds to brush his teeth, eats breakfast, then brushes teeth again, because he forgets that he still had to eat. Charlie crumples his toilet paper, and despises anyone who folds. Charlie enjoys crutching his dog around (torn ACL), and he also enjoys stuffing his face on Wing Wednesday (who doesn’t). Charlie joined Journalism because he enjoys Mr. Costello’s teaching, and his classes, so he thought Journalism would be fun. Charlie’s chosen words of advice for his fans, “Keep going, even when things get tough. There is a tunnel at the end of the light.”

Charlie Reilly, Staff Writer

Jan 21, 2019
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