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Hailey Olson
Find Hailey Olson, 17, a senior at Cotter, walking into school right before the bell with an iced coffee in hand. An iced coconut milk mocha macchiato, that is. Hailey can't wait for graduation. In the meantime, Hailey is hoping to be involved in the yearbook committee , she is also a cashier at Midtown Foods grocery. When Hailey has free time between school and work, she enjoys rollerblading, reading, and watching TV and movies, especially Grey's Anatomy, (which she has watched 12 times), Friends, and Vampire Diaries. Hailey loves sleeping, where she dreams of her celebrity crush, Derek Sheperd from Greys Anatomy. In her hometown of Winona, Hailey lives with her parents, Shannon and David, and recently sent her big sister, Caitlin, 19, off to college. "Caitlin is like my best friend," says Hailey Olson. "I love her dog." Something common to the Olson sisters is their curly blonde hair. Hailey feels lucky that she is a blonde because she has a fear of black hair. This is because she stepped on a black hair extension at a water park and it got stuck around her feet. If you have black hair, stay far away from Hailey Olson. Unless, that is, you are bringing her macaroni and cheese, which Hailey absolutely loves.

Hailey Olson, staff writer

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