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Mercedes Kauphusman
Mercedes Kauphusman is a junior at Cotter. Mercedes has three brothers: Jack (23), Peter (19), and Roman (13). She was born and raised in Winona. She enjoys taking walks with her mom, rollerblading, singing and dancing and playing with dogs. You will usually see Mercedes with her longtime best friend Manya Kamara making spunky dance videos. Mercedes is a quarter Mexican, but does not speak Spanish, but is learning in class. She likes to chow down on pancakes, pizza, KitKats, and Bloedows donuts.  She also is a huge fan of the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" and the movie "Coco" because the main character reminds her of he little brother. Mercedes' biggest pet peeve is when people interrupt her when she is talking, so do not interrupt her. Mercedes' favorite quote is "Everything happens for a reason."

mercedes kauphusman, staff writer

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