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Fiona Flanagan
While it’s obvious that all players are integral to a soccer team, there’s one vital position that always gets overlooked: the defense. Although these players are not the ones scoring goals, they’re running down the sideline, eyeing the field position, blocking goals, getting the soccer ball out of bounds, and gaining possession. They work tirelessly to block the forwards and attackers to electrify the play. On the 16-2-0 Cotter High School soccer team, one such defender is present: 11th grader Fiona Flanagan. Having been on the team since her 7th grade year, she has been able to stand out as both a player, teammate, and sister. Although Fiona plays the outside defender on the Cotter team, she also works to spread her talent outside the group by playing her favorite sport with her 5 other sisters, shooting around in her backyard. In fact, one of her favorite soccer memories is playing a big soccer scrimmage with her whole family on a vacation (with competitors as young as 3-years-old). It’s moments like these that remind Fiona why she loves soccer - a way to spend time, get some exercise, have fun, and make unforgettable memories. She plans to continue to play soccer in the future, whether it be on an intramural team, or simply with her family. Her advice for other soccer players is simple: “Don’t be afraid to be aggressive and, no matter what, make sure you’re having fun!”

Fiona Flanagan, Staff Writer

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Fiona Flanagan