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Manya Kamara
Meet the fashionista, African queen, and curly hair enthusiast, Manya Kamara! Manya is the daughter of Connie and Amara Kamara, along with her brother, Abraham. Amara came all the way to this freezing cold state of Minnesota from the country of Liberia in Africa. When Manya is alone in her room, you can probably walk in on her doing the wind dance and singing along to Wiz Kid, a Nigerian artist. When Manya isn't at school, you might find her cashiering at Target. Red is definitely her color! Another place you might find Manya is at the skating rink, where Manya lands her jumps with ease. Manya has been figure skating since she was three years old! You may also find Manya attached at the hip with best friend, Mercedes Kauphusman. Even though Mercedes is definitely the cooler of the two, Manya puts up a good fight. The two have the height difference of a giraffe and a chihuahua, with Manya being 5'9 and Mercedes at a whopping 5'2. Manya is a fun-loving, crazy girl who you will definitely want to watch for on the Cotter Chronicle!

Manya Kamara, staff writer

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Manya Kamara