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Tia Trainor
Tia Trainor, 17, is a Junior here at Cotter. She was adopted from Ryzan Russia and has lived Winona most of her life. She has a sister, Chloe Trainor, 16'  Cotter alum and two dogs: Clara and Chance. Outside of school, you will find Tia kicking it on the soccer team and making shots with the basketball team. You can also catch Tia flippin burgers and blending shakes at her part time job at McDonalds. Like most people, Tia enjoys binging shows on Netflix, such as Friends and Grey's Anatomy. While being interviewed by Tia, you should NOT give her one-worded answers, because that happens to be one of her pet peeves. To brighten Tia's day, you can bring her her favorite coffee drink, a Carmel Mocha.

Tia Trainor, Staff Writer

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Tia Trainor