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Todd Deng
Todd (Tao) Deng, is truly enjoying his time. Todd came to Cotter three years ago when he was only 14. “I liked the school from the start,” he said. Here, he met his first roommate, Jim. “Jim was smart and extremely helpful to me, and he was very good at math.” Although they now live in single dorm rooms, they both enjoyed their time as roomies. Todd claims to have encountered zero true hardships throughout his high school life. Whether he was optimistic or merely lucky, the belief in happiness absolutely grants him a happy life.  “Sleeping the day away” would be his wish, and all he used to describe his days was the combination of those four letters - “G-O-O-D”. He expects nothing particular from his future, for he sees his bright possibilities in the path it will take.

Todd Deng, staff writer

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Todd Deng