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Mr Haun: looking for the happy balance

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Balancing many things is a difficult job, but Mr. Haun makes it look effortless.

Mr. Haun has many roles: he is the Cotter’s athletic director, head football coach, a math teacher, husband and father to two young children.

Each of these roles presents different challenges. Mr. Haun’s day starts by getting to school early in the morning to take care of his AD responsibilities, then he moves on to teach a section of Calc. II, he then returns to the John Nett Center to do more AD work, which usually includes meetings with coaches, students, and other administrators throughout the day, he then heads to football practice, before finally going home and spending time with his family.

One of the biggest challenges which arises is “time management and stress” from trying to balance all of these responsibilities.

” I am still working on balancing these things,” Haun said.

Mr. Haun seems to be  a natural at making this work.

A. Getzin,  assistant AD,  said, ‘The transition seemd to be less  difficult for him, because he is just naturally good at everything.”

Haun was a capable AD in his first year, but going into his second year he had everything dialed in.  “It is a familiar territory for him now, he has a relationship with the other Athletic Directors, and has a good relationship with all of them,” A. said.

Due to the time commitment as football coach, fall is a crazy time for Mr. Haun and he’ll be the first to tell you that.  His wife Kaylee provides him with needed support.

“My wife is a great help, she is basically a single mother throughout the fall.”

This is not the first time that Mr. Haun has had to balance things. Haun played football at WSU for five years.

“That was a great experience, it taught me how to balance my time well, because most days I would wake up early go workout, go to class, do my homework, and then go to practice.”

Christian Renk, a senior captain this year for the football team had only good things to say about his coaching in the last two year.   “He is a great leader, demands a lot from his players and holds them accountable for their jobs, and I think that really helped this year.”

Anybody who has played a college sport, has gone through the ups and downs of a sport, so Haun could relate to recent strugles with the football team. “He understands where we are coming from, there were a lot of hardships in the past with what we have faced, so having someone like Coach Haun helped a lot,” Renk said.

There are a lot of people behind the scene people that also help him out.

“Mr. Forney is a great reference and in may occasions helps me stay calm. “A” (A. Getzin) helps out a lot and none of these things are possible without her  She always knows what going on with the kids, such as when kids get dismissed, when the buses leave, and the after game snacks.” Mr. Haun said.


Coach Haun patrols the sideline at a home game

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Mr Haun: looking for the happy balance