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New semester; New students

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At the beginning of the second semester Cotter has added eight new students in the Residence Center.  Let’s meet two of them:

Wenling (Sherry ) Zheng

Sherry is a freshman from Kunming, China, where she has lived her whole life before moving to Winona.

“I picked Sherry to be my English name because it’s sounds beautiful.”

In her description, Kunming is a city that is famous for its graceful landscape, so a lot of people travel there for vacation. Kunming is different from Winona, a small town more like countryside.

Sherry was looking to go to school in America and heard good things about Cotter.

“My teacher introduced me to Cotter. I heard that Cotter has a long history, people in Cotter are friendly and teachers are responsible.”

Although the school life in Cotter is completely different from China, she still really enjoys iit.

“I had played tennis many years ago, so I may  try it at Cotter in my sophomore year.”

Sherry likes her Algebra 2 class with Mr. Rockers the most at now, and she is looking forward to taking Biology next year. ” When I was in junior high, my Biology was my weakest subject, so I want to improve it in Cotter next year.”

In her spare time, she usually watches movies and likes to bake. Sherry also likes to play the zither, a traditional Chinese instrument which she has played for 8 years.

                                                                 Donghan (Henry) Kang

His name is Henry Kang.  His Korean name is Donghan Kang.

Henry is a freshman from South Korea, where he has lived his whole life before moving Winona. He heard that Cotter has good teachers and kind students. (He means his parents had searched the internet about American high school in US, and they found out the Cotter. And then, they heard Cotter is good school and Cotter has good teachers and kind students.) Actually, he feels like that now. His classes are pretty good. He likes his teachers or his friends.  He lives in Cotter dorm, and his life in dorm is also good. He usually play with Kevin or someone else. That he most prefer is table tennis. He likes to play table tennis, and he is free to play table tennis in the lounge.

His hobbies are video game, soccer, any sports, etc. His favorite sport is basketball. Actually, he belonged a basketball team when he was a middle school student.

His culture and American culture is different what American who use English anytime. And, he feel different culture compare with his culture “everything”.

He thinks are the most important life lessons he has learned “Just do it”.

If he could do anything in Winona, he would like to play basketball, he likes sports so he wants to play sports(soccer, table tennis, etc.).

If we came to your town, he recommends to visit Gyeong bok gung, a royal palace in Seoul that was built in 1395.

 He wants to say..→”Korea is small country, but there is many culture there is many history It’s good in Korea.”





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New semester; New students