Spring break with the boys of summer


When going to a major league baseball game you expect a very large, energetic crowd. Well, its a different experience when you go to a spring training game.

 While I was in Fort Myers, Florida I got the chance to go to two of the Minnesota Twins spring training games.

The first game I went to was on March 16th, and they played the Miami Marlins. They played at Hammond Stadium, which is their stadium for spring training, at 1:05 pm EDT.

 The stadium holds 7,500 people and is located in Fort Myers, Florida. Comparing that to Target Field here in Minnesota it holds 39,504 people.

The final score was Twins 4, Marlins 2. The second game I attended was on March 18. They played at Hammond Stadium again at 7 pm. They played the Tampa Bay Rays and lost 11-3.

The atmosphere during a spring training game is not nearly as crazy as a regular season game. It is calm and relaxing. You go to the stadium which isn’t as big as a normal stadium, and you almost feel like you’re going to a college game because its smaller and not as hectic.  Many fans like to come early and see batting practice or infield to have a chance to see the players, which is no longer usually an option at regular season games.  Also fans tend to come and go and are less concerned about the final score than they are in a regular game.

Spring training games are fun to go to but not as exciting when you are sitting in the stands in the heat of the Florida sun. . I have been to plenty of baseball games, so it wasn’t a new eperience. However, it was cool to be able to be that close to a professional baseball players. That’s also one of the benefits of spring training games.  Check the link below to learn more about the park.