Scott Lochner of People Brothers on playing close to home


Scott Lochner (Cotter class of ’97) of the Madison, Wisc. based The People Brothers Band, speaks to Joseph Costello and Charley Schroeder at MidWest Music Fest on Saturday, April 28.

His band was a participant in the Midwest Music Fest held in Winona on April 27 and 28.

“It’s always good to come home and play festivals in my hometown,” says Lochner. Lochner not only enjoys playing, but watching the other groups as well. A few groups he especially enjoyed at MWMF were Blackfoot Gypsies and Frogleg.

The People Brothers Band hosts two festivals over the summer their property near Hillsboro, Wisc., and through this, Lochner has been able to see countless bands and musical groups in the area.

Surprisingly, Lochner did not play the bass during his high school years. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years after his high school graduation that he began playing the bass. At a “Fish” concert in 2000 in Florida, Lochner suddenly decided that he wanted to learn bass.

“About halfway through the night, I just decided I’m going home and buying a bass,” said Lochner.

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