What was your favorite vacation?

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Garret Stingl- “Going to  Wisconsin Dells. I like shopping, swimming, and the $40 extra large pizzas.”

Kate Nascak- “South Dakota, I go there every year with my family. We usually visit the Black Hills and the Bad Lands.”

Jerry Yang- “Cambridge. I liked the small towns, interesting people, and restaurants that represent other countries’ cultures.”

Dylan Bannon- “Dublin, Ireland. I helped my sister move into her apartment and got to meet my dad’s side of the family.”

Mrs. Corcoran- “London, England. I studied abroad my junior year of college. It was culturally very different and I enjoyed it.”

Olivia Nisbit-  “Brazil. My favorite activities included snorkling, trying new foods, going to the beach, and seeing the Christ the Redeemer statue.”

Aidan Carlson- “Iceland. I enjoyed seeing the mountains and meeting new people.”

Mr Williams -“Charleston, South Carolina. I  toured historic sights, went hiking in swamps, and went for walks on the beach. My favorite part of South Carolina were the amazing restaurants.”

Brian Menke- “Ethan Decker’s house to see his pug Lilly.”

Ethan Decker- “Brian Menke’s house in Stockton Minn, to play with his three dogs Winnie, Henry, and Daisy.”

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