Strong voices raise “Curtains”


The show ‘Curtains’ is a murder mystery that was presented by Cotter High School this past weekend, November 9 to November 11. The musical is a show-within-a-show based in Boston, Massachusetts.

We give the performance a rank of four out of five stars.  The script was the weakest part of the show.This show did keep us on the edge our seats throughout because we could not tell who the murder was, but at times it became confusing to understand.

The actors and actresses brought energy and humor to the action. We give props to Mr. Roeckers and his volunteers for the quality of the choreography and the casting choices.

An actor that stood out to us the most was Vivienne Warner. Vivienne played Jessica Cranshaw, who gets killed the first night of the show.  She really brought her character to life. She had to pretend to be a horrible singer, and fall right on the stage, as she died. In our opinion, no one could have played Jessica Cranshaw better.  Jon Weltzien played the comic director well and Kevin Lee and Hope Howard’s voices were exceptional.

The audience response to the show was outstanding. Everyone had good thoughts to say about the musical.

“I really enjoyed the songs and dances. I thought there was a good balance of talking and singing parts. I was always entertained,” Abbey Allen said.

“The acting was really good and overall it was really fun to watch!,” added Isabel Nothrop.

“Kevin, he was very good!,”  Natalie Marg said.

These were common reactions to the solid work that Cotter’s theatre department produced.

Overall, the musical ‘Curtains’ was presented very well. The choreography and acting together made the musical  enjoyable to watch. It kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time and due to the excellent singing and dancing,  the play was definitely worth the time and money.