What advice would you give your younger self?


Sherri Zheng, sophomore, would advise her younger self to “work hard.”
Cole Ebertowski, sophomore, quotes, “I know middle school can be hard. Just do your homework and put on deoderant. You’ll get through this.”
Mrs. Schorn-Hoffert would tell her younger self, “Avoid relationship drama, have a wider variety of friends, and be more sensitive to your parents’ feelings.”
“Do your homework and get prepared for high school,” says junior, Donya Carpenter.
Megan Morgan, freshman, would warn herself to, “not take things so seriously.”
“Don’t stick it in the outlet!” Ian Modjeski, junior, would tell his younger self.
If Ms. Halvorson could give advise to her younger self, she would tell her to, “relax.”
Cale Beckman, sophomore, would strictly tell his 5th grade self, “Don’t cut Grace Ping’s hair!”
Mrs. Barrios would tell a young Brooke to “look out for holes on the field.”