Nick Clausen interview: From sweeping floors to telling stories

Joseph Costello and Jack Gardner

Cotter Teen Press reporters Betsy Nagel and Hannah Casselman interviewed director Nick Clausen at the Frozen River Film Festival on the campus of Winona State University on February, 2019.

Clausen’s film “The Wolf House” was showing at FRFF. “The Wolf House” is a 2018 documentary short about the sale and purchase of an unusual home in Minneapolis and the connection between the current and previous owners of the property.

Clausen also conducted a workshop on using smartphones to shoot video, featuring the FiLMiC Pro app. at the festival.

In addition to making documentaries, Clausen does commercial video production and is an instructor.

Hannah Casselman, Betsy Nagel, Nick Clausen, Joseph Costello, Coco Costello at FRFF in Stark Hall in February, 2019