Dulek dives past expectations

Devon Dulek made Cotter proud at the State swim and dive meet as its only student-athlete on the co-op team.

After two days and eleven total rounds of diving Devon Dulek placed 8th at the Minnesota State Swim and Dive meet, the meet was held on February 25, 2019.

Each dive is judged on a 1-10 scale based on the difficulty and execution of the individual’s dive, Dulek’s highest score earned at state was 7.5.

His trip to Minneapolis surpassed his expectations for the season.

“I did not expect to make it to State at the beginning of the season,” Dulek said.

Despite the success, he’s confident there’s room for improvement in his diving.

“I could’ve done better, but I’m happy with my results because it was my first year [qualifying for the state meet].”

While it was his first time at the state meet, it was his fourth year on the swim and dive team where he is coached by Jeremiah Jackson.