Welcome back…to Cotter


5 alumni from the classes  of 2012 & 2013 made a surprise visit to Cotter on March 25.

The group took separate flights to Chicago, rented a car and drove to Winona.  They visited Cotter, including having a meal in the residence center dorm, talked to some former teachers and stopped at the Acoustic Cafe and other familiar spots in Winona.

(L to R) Yuanchen (Vic) Wang, Yifu (Adam) Luo, , and Quyao (May) Wang, Han (Harry) Gao, and Yujia (Gehry ) Qian,












Yifu (Adam) recently completed a graduate degree in computer science at UC-Santa Barbara, after completing his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt. Adam is returning to his hometown of Shanghai to work for Huawei and the trip to Cotter is both a reunion and send-off for him.

Gehry also completed the grad degree at UCSB after graduating from Ohio State.

Quyao (May) is working on a graduate degree in app. design in San Francisco and hoping to return to work in China someday.

Yuanchen (VIc) is living in New York and pursuing business opportunities after graduating from Drexel in Philadelphia

Han (Harry) is attending graduate school at UC-Irvine outside of Los Angeles.

Gehry, Vic, May, Adam, and Harry visiting the Garvin Heights look out on their visit.