What is your favorite coffee shop?

Garret Stingl – “Caribou. They also have really good food. Their coffee cake is amazing. I love coffee cake. It’s got cinnamon and sugar. It really soothes the body. I don’t know it’s been a while, so I think I’m gonna go after school now.”
Claire Nichols – “Caribou before school. I also like to make my own coffee at home because I can make it just how I like it”.
Mrs. McGonigle – “It depends on the day. I love Acoustic cafe because they have really delicious mochas. But my favorite is my own because I roast my own beans at home”.
Bao Han – “Caribou and Starbucks. When I’m in the area, Mugby. Because they make so many different kinds of drinks.
Linnea McColl – “Starbucks. Cause their coffee is like really rich and expensive. I like the iced caramel cloud macchiatos. I like it cause it’s in Target, and I also love to shop at Target.”
Ellie Hutmacher – “I like Blooming Grounds. It has a different flavor, and the location is very welcoming.”