Nate & Ally’s puts new life into old space

Cotter Teen Press took a group field trip to Nate & Ally’s frozen treat shop in downtown Winona to interview owner Dennis McEntaffer.

Nate & Ally’s is in a historic building on 3rd St. in Winona, that house J & K office products for many years and other businesses over its history.  McEntaffer had to remodel and restore the space prior to opening Nate & Ally’s.

In a few short years, the business has become a fixture in downtown Winona and is a popular spot before and after movies, for visitors to town, or for birthday parties or families making a stop for a treat.

Just as the Cotter Teen Press did after the interview.  Thanks, Dennis, it was delicious.


Dennis McEntaffer
Cotter Teen Press at Nate & Ally’s after interviewing owner Dennis McEntaffer