CRS Rice Bowl

CRS Rice Bowl is the Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services. “Through CRS Rice Bowl, faith communities in every diocese throughout the United States put their faith into action through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Lenten alms donated through CRS Rice Bowl support the work of CRS in roughly 45 different countries each year. 25% of all donations to CRS Rice Bowl stay in the local diocese, supporting hunger and poverty alleviation efforts. Since its inception in 1975, CRS Rice Bowl has raised nearly $300 million.” CRS Rice Bowl has changed the lives of thousands of people and will continue to do so in years to come.

This past Lenten season Cotter students ranging from 7-12 graders raised money by having bake sales, doing fund raisers, and giving extra money they had saved up to put in the boxes they found around the classroom. Ms. Corcoran and other teachers and staff involved were the front runners in making the Rice Bowl this year such an unforgettable experience. With everyone’s help Cotter raised $1,354.77. Throughout the group effort many realized the importance of raising money for others, who do not have necessities during the Lenten season.

“Cotter has been raising money for CRS Rice Bowl for at least 10 years now” teacher, Mary Parlin adds when asked how long we have contributed to this fundraiser.

“Cotter has been doing it for a long time and the church has been doing it for even longer.”

Overall the experience of Rice Bowl is beneficial for all. Cotter is able to raise money for an important cause and it helps the countries that Rice Bowl is connected with.

“I am just so glad we are able to raise money for CRS Rice Bowl.” Teacher, Marissa Corcoran adds.

Throughout the bake sales, volleyball tournaments and raising money in the classrooms, the Cotter community is very excited to give the money they raised to an important cause.

This is one of the largest amounts of money raised in a long time from the Cotter family.

‘MHP has been very encouraging in raising money for this cause.” Ethan Glodowski.

Many students have noticed the help of teachers on the journey of raising this money, and were overall the driving force in this project.