Chloe Trainor: Rambler, nurse, homeowner


Alum, Chloe Trainor in front of new house

Chloe Trainor, class of 2016, is moving fast into adulthood.

Her path started as a sophomore in high school. She knew she wanted to become a nurse. So she got started on her mission. She started taking CNA  classes.  She took these nursing from sophomore through senior year.

She studied hard and was determined to become a nurse. Meanwhile, at home her family had to keep quiet so she could focus on her studies.

To qualify for her CNA she had to work as well as having long weeks with school and work. After her hard work she finally earned her CNA.

Trainor then graduated in 2016. She would continue to study in Winona for her nursing program.

Chloe Trainor, class of 2016

Trainor went on to college at the Southeastern Tech in Winona. While her original plan was to enter the RN program, due to numbers she found the . the program was very hard to get into. That didn’t stop her from her goals, so she first set her sights on becoming an LPN.

“It was a lot of hard work and dedication. I was determined to become a LPN.”, Trainor said.

After her coursework and study, she passed her LPN.


Trainor getting pinned as a LPN
Working as a LPN

There has been no shortage of work for Chloe, as there is a shortage of nurses in the area and nationwide right now.

Trainor then got her LPN license in Minnesota and in Wisconsin.

“Working as a LPN is a lot of hard work.  There are long hours, but every minute is worth it.” , Trainor says.

Trainor now works as a LPN in behavioral health. She works for La Crosse Country jail. Her annual pay is $50,000.

This salary has allowed her to purchase her first house. At her job her employer is paying for her to help her earn her RN degree.

“I couldn’t be any happier working in behavioral health. I have always wanted to work in behavioral health.”, Trainor says.

She has worked hard and long for this. She has done all of her hard work without incurring any student loans.

At age 21, she is now a full-time nurse, working on her next degree and a first time homeowner.

She has had a lot of support from her family along the way. They have encouraged her with love and support. Her support from her mom along the way has been a big help. Her mother has helped her financially so she wouldn’t have any student loans.

Trainor now helps mentor other LPN students who are struggling along their path.

She is very happy with her career choice and can’t wait to see what her future has to store for her.