Where are the dorm students going?


Where is everyone going after graduation? Here is a partial list:

Mingbo (Peter) Wang: MIT. Major undecided.
Zeyan (Scott) Zhu: University of San Francisco. Majoring in Computer Science.
Wangzhan (Gao) Gao: School undecided.
Fatima Mota:University in Mexico, majoring in International Business.
Wei-Ting (Emily) Liang: One gap year and plan to apply this winter again.
Minjung (Clare) Seo: University of Minnesota Duluth. Majoring in biochemistry.
Tianyue (Choco) Li: UC Berkeley. Majoring in Physics.
Chris Kwak: Rochester Institute of Technology. Major undecided.
Bingheng (Jim) Yang: University of Massachusetts Amherst. Majoring in physics.
Zhaozhe (Torres) Huang: Syracuse University. Major undecided.
Zilu (Sarah) Zhu: University of Washington – Seattle. Majoring in mathematics.
Haoran (Sarah) Sun: Colgate University in NY. Majoring in Neuroscience.
Faisal Baz: UK or Austin, Texas. Major undecided.
Yearim (Lucy) Lee: The University of Iowa. Major undecided.
Chang (Pandora) Lu: Washington University. Majoring in human biology.
Kangjun (Kevin) Lee: State University of New York at Buffalo. Major unknown.
Eduardo Quijada Aguilar: Durham Tech in North Carolina. Major unknown.
Dongshi (Leo) Zhang: UC Davis. Majoring in history.
Deng (Todd) Tao: California State University San Marcos. Major undecided.
Waheed Ahmadzai: Undecided, still weighing offers from universities.
Zihan (Jerry) Yang: John Hopkins University. Majoring in history.