Math Team excels in region

Cotter math team students at work at the board

Hannah G

Cotter math team students at work at the board

Success! The Cotter Math Team has again advanced its ranking in the region following the meet Monday, December 9.

In just its third meet of the season, the Math team has improved its placing to third best in the region. The first meet results ranked Cotter at fifth in the region; following the second meet, Cotter was placed fourth.

This success extends beyond the team as well – individual scorers have equally shone. Team member and co-captain Henry Tang is the leading individual scorer within the Hiawatha Division (a subregion in which Cotter competes). Second and fourth place are filled by Cotter students Jessica Guo and Tony Zhao respectively.

The math team members are thrilled. Co-captain Viva Graff says that she “hope[s] the trend continues.”

Regardless of their recent success, many of the members simply enjoy being on the team. Scoring team member Mary Row states that she is on math team for one main reason: “I like math.”

The same is true for many across the team. A fellow scoring team member, Alessia Velásquez-Nitti, states that Math team allows her to “learn stuff in a different way that I never would’ve learned in class because I’m trying to do it fast.”

This time crunch is because “mathletes” are only allowed twelve minutes to take each of their tests. Members take two specific tests that cover a certain subject range, and try to answer the four questions on each test. Correct answers merit either one or two points for a total of seven possible points per test.

Eight members will have their points from the individual tests go toward the team score. These eight members make up the scoring team, and collectively take a team test for 20 minutes. The score received on this test, combined with the scoring team member’s individual test scores, comprise the total team score.

For the Cotter math team, it’s these points that keep increasing. The team started with 30 points for the first meet, scored 31 for the second, and surged to 44 for the third. Although Graff states that these tests “provide a challenge,” the team has clearly excelled.

The math team, unlike other Cotter activities, competes in Class 1AA. The team is in the Hiawatha Region, but competes 1AA against schools such as International Sch MN/Eagle Ridge, MN, Valley Lutheran High School, and Shattuck-St Mary’s.

Coach Darren Row has great hopes for their future. The team’s next meet takes place on January 13th, 2020. Graff only has one bit of advice for all before the next meet: “Join math team!”