Bearing down for theme day


Sal Piscitiello

Mr. McGlaun and Sal Piscitiello sport Chicago Bears hats for theme day.

Thursday’s dress up day for Catholic School’s Week assigned each class to a different theme.

Seniors – country

Malcolm Camp, Gabe Welch, Olivia Nisbit, and Jenna Rickoff
Matt Besek, Martin Kim, Aidan Carlson, Peter Badciong, Ceili DeMarais, Olivia Nisbit, Jenna Rickoff, Olivia Carrillo, & Megan Zenke. Photo by Maddie Mohan

juniors- sports

Katie Speltz and Trinity Schmidtknecht Photo by Jenna Rickoff

sophomores – hipsters

Olivia Gardner, Suzanne Duellman, Grace Menke, Abby Allred,& Paige Lorenz. Photo by Jenna Rickoff
Megan Morgan, Megan Costello, Tess Mullen. Photo by Jenna Rickoff

freshman – nerds

6th period freshman English class nerd out. Photo by Ms. Shriver

faculty – student slackers

Ms. Shriver & Mr. McGlaun
Jenna Rickoff
Ms. Shriver & Mr. McGlaun