Rambler athletes visit schools


As part of both homecoming week and f the “Future Ramblers” initiative that the athletic department is undertaking this year, athletes and coaches from different programs visited St Mary’s and St. Stan’s to visit the students and promote Cotter athletics.

For senior football players that meant a little playground time at St. Stan’s

During an adventurous half hour on the basketball court across the street from St. Stan’s elementary school, the nine seniors from the Cotter football team rode over to the school for a fun period of  recess time.

During the recess, the students played games such as soccer, keepaway, and obviously football.

Other students did the same sorts of things at St Mary’s during a lunch hour visit by players and coaches and even Rowdy Rambler himself.

In all cases,  both the older and younger kids seemed to be enjoying themselves and meeting the goal of promoting participation and attendance at games from all students.