Brand new Ramblers


Anna Koopman

Students participate during class in the newly remolded classrooms in the John Nett Rec. building

One of the many changes at Cotter this year is welcoming the 5th and 6th graders into the Cotter Community.

The young students are excited to be Ramblers and are attending in-person classes in newly created classrooms in the John Nett Rec. building this year.

From the dress code to new classroom set-ups, the new students are experiencing many changes in their transition fromWACS and St. Stan’s.

“The remolded classrooms are super nice and it’s a lot less crowded,” Jacob Moore, a sixth-grader, said.

In addition to the new school, many changes have occurred due to COVID-19.  Students must be screened and masked every day and teachers are careful to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

While it is hard to not be able to interact with other classes and follow COVID-19 precautions, it is clear the Cotter staff are trying hard to keep students safe.