Winona responds to rising COVID numbers


The numbers of  people testing positive for the corona virus in the Winona area have risen up by at least 10 per day for the last month.

The recent spike has  impacted  students, schools, owners of the business, and many more.. 

Restaurants have closed, like Jefferson’s in Winona, or have chosen to open their doors, like the Blue Heron.

Students are also feeling the strain.

 “I have a lot of homework at night and it is more than usually would with the normal school,” Cotter senior Anthony Guzzo said.

The numbers first rose in August with the return of college students.  In September as WSU went on a lockdown the growth in cases slowed, but in the past few weeks, the numbers have risen and we are well over 1,000 total cases in Winona County.

Teachers also have been adapting to the new situation as well, including increased summer preparation to get ready for the hybrid learning model.

 “I think students and teachers (and everyone involved) are getting better at it every day. It’s not how I prefer to teach, but at least we are all trying to continue our growth academically in this way,” Mr. Paulsen, Cotter science teacher, said.

All Winonans will continue to adapt to the changing situations as they hope things evetually return to “normal.”