How to master your quarantine


Pat Ebertowski

The reporter holds up a recent catch from the Mississippi RIver backwaters

The pandemic has thrown us all off our routines and it is easy to  focus on the things we are missing. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of the current situation.

Step #1: Expand on what you love.

Example: Since being in Quarantine, I, like many other people, have had lots of extra time on my hands. A key to staying sharp is to fill that time with  new  activities or things you like to do. I’ve been filing my time with by ice fishing and baking.

Warm up your kitchen on a cold day with some baked treats

Step #2: Bond with the people around you.

Example: I’ve been stuck with my family for a long time , and we have been destroying one another in board games, watching every movie we own, and even trying new concoctions found from the depths of the recipe books.

Getting into some “good Trouble” with the family

Step #3: Enjoy the time with your pets.

Example: I see my dog every minute of every day and it surprises me how little time it takes him to lose his toys in the house. Its a game to him to see if I can find where he hides them. Apparently this game never gets old.

“Hey, Cole, do you want play find the chew toy, again? Awesome!”