Cube: cult classic of the 90’s is a mixed bag

Cube: cult classic of the 90s is a mixed bag

Cube is a Canadian scifi/horror movie from  1997 co-written and directed by Vincenzo Natali that is available for free on YouTube.

Cube starts off in the cube-like metallic space that is quite large. A bald man then comes out of the hatches and looks rather shaken. He then looks around, walks over to a hatch across from him then opens it. He starts crawling through, ends up in the same room but a different color, everything is silent, then a loud bang goes off and he falls to the ground in pieces.

The next few scenes of the movie introduce the rest of the cast. The characters are strangers who have been imprisoned in the many rooms of the cube, some of which contain deadly traps.

The first person we meet is one of the main characters, he is a man of color who was a police officer back on Earth. Played by Maurice Dean Wint, the officer is intense. There are also an unconscious middle-aged man with a head wound, a young girl who was in college and is quite smart, an older lady who is a doctor.

The rest of the movie starts going on a rollercoaster of traps, escapes, and increasingly tense group dynamics. This movie is very weird premise and some of the questions remain unanswered.

The strange beginning and the purpose of the cube, create tensio and it has effective if sometimes cheesy acting. The officer is the standout here as he gets more intense and unhinged as the movie progresses

It seemed slow at times and every time someone found something or died it wasn’t very thrilling. I would say the only thrilling part of the movie was the beginning when there was no plot

The nature of the cube keeps changing, or at least what the character’s find out about it, does.  It is an interesting movie that has some weak spots, but still is worth a watch.

On an 1-10 scale,  I give The Cube 5 out of 10. 

-3 because of the characters, the only one I found quite entertaining was the officer losing his mind as time went on.

 -2 for the pacing of the movie, it didn’t really keep you at the edge of your seat.

+2 for the concept of the movie, I like the idea of sometimes every room you enter could be a trap. 

+3 for the beginning, the eerie vibe that it gave off from the first shot.

I would recommend it to someone looking for a good 90’s movie to watch.