Where are the fish?


Cole Ebertowski

A group of sunnies caught by the reporter in the airport lake during December,2020

Lately, some of the most popular fishing spots in Winona have end up turning fishers away without a single catch.

I went to Sam Gordy’s across the bridge with my brother in law from 7:00 am-1:00 pm on Saturday, February 27.

During that time we fished through three spots and stopped twice to check parts of the lake for fish. We asked as we went along the woods, finding out it wasn’t just us not catching fish.

That whole day the seven people we talked to did  not see a fish on the ice. So I called up my grandpa Ray who fished there on Monday, February 22.

“Me and your great uncle Denis spent a good amount of time on the ice where we didn’t catch anything so we asked around and found out that other people had nothing all day as well”.

What is happening?

Fish of most species typically hold in tighter groups when the water’s cold. So if you get a bite in a specific spot, you can expect that there are more fish to be caught nearby.

But since the days have been getting warmer the fish may flee toward higher latitudes, moving pole ward to remain within their preferred temperature ranges leaving them in deeper water, where some want cooler water where less algae will bloom due to the sudden heat.

Spring will be here soon enough where the wing dams will be free to fish and once the water reaches about 50 degrees, you’ll find the fish in the shallows, around 3 feet deep, close to shore. Looking for structure like docks and downed trees, as well as weeds.

As the water warms up to 60 degrees perch and other fish will start moving out towards deeper water, about 5 feet deep.  Due to COVID there has been an increase of ice fishing in the area and the competition may also make it difficult to find a good spot.